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In Thailand, we have practiced herbal remedies and aromatherapy for thousand years.
Herbal remedies and aromatherapy are still the most popular natural healing methods among other forms of alternative treatments nowadays. In the past, we used Thai Fragrance Water (Nam Ob Thai) produced from various kinds of flowers, such as Ylang Ylang and Jasmine after bath. And until today we still use it in religious ceremonies and traditional ceremonies like Songkran Festival (Thai New Year' Day).

Particularly, due to the stress, pollution and hasty and exhausting lifestyles during these days, people turn to nature and seek for well-being, peace and relaxation both psychologically and physiologically.

The use of essential oils combined with massage is very pleasing and comforting. The scent of essential oils produces both psychological and physiological effects as they are massaged into the skin and absorbed into bloodstream.

The work & use of essential oils in aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is easy to practice even at home. Essential oils are the key. Tiny droplets obtained directly from parts of plants and flowers: leaves, stems, roots, barks are essential oils.

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