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The unique Thai herbal steam is one of best known of the traditional therapies. It traces its roots back to ancient time; formulae differ from region to region, as individual healers have their own recipes based on their own knowledge of local plants and their benefits. Furthermore, different healers have formulated specialized treatments to cure various health condition.

herbal steam

What is common to all herbal steams, though, is that they have fantastic therapeutic effects on your body. All you do is step into a dreamy, misty, heavy scented room, lie back, and let the steam vapors do their work. As they penetrate the skin's open pores and enter the lungs, the molecules from the medicinal herbs are absorbed into the body. It's a real vitality boost, and also helps you to relax and clears the head. A totally self-indulgent treat is to combine your herbal steam with a massage. The heat from the steam room warms and relaxes your muscles in preparation to be thoroughly stretched by the masseur. An herbal steam is also good before a body wrap, as ingredients put on the body will be more readily absorbed by steamed, softened skin.

Aficionados swear by the Tamarind Retreat steam on the island of Koh Samui. Built into a crevice between two boulders on the spa's hillside property, the cave-like steam room is a dreamy place to soothe the body and clear the head. Guests enjoy alternating warming bouts in the steam room with refreshing chilly dips in their cold plunge pool.

herbal steam

The numerous tamarind trees that are the spa's namesake provide plentiful leaves - one of the key ingredients in their herbal steam. Other ingredients include lemon grass for its antiseptic properties ; Prai to moisturize the skin, ease sprains or muscular pain; turmeric to relieve itching and cleanse wounds; camphor leaves for their respiratory benefits; Kaffir lime leaves and fruit to clear dandruff; beach morning glory to clear skin inflammations and allergies; and tamarind leaves to speed the absorption of herbal ingredients in the skin.

The folks at Tamarind Retreat claim that their steam treatment aids respiration, relieves sinusitis, bronchial asthma, general stuffiness and stimulates circulation. It is also good for an aches and pains and it cleanses the skin's pores. Above all, it relaxes body and mind.

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