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The Thai people are extremely polite and welcoming people with the unique wave greeting their guests with the beautifully elegance "Wai". What's small the people of Thailand have a smile for everyone extending their warm and hospitality to all of his this kingdom. It is no wonder then that the Thailand has become known as the land of smile.

In addition to the warm welcome, friendly service and traditional Thai hospitality enjoyed by all of the visitors to Thailand. The long history of development behind the traditional Thai massage combine with utilization of selected herb known for the soothing and healing quality. Have resulted in international renown for the nation as one of the greatest and most unique spa destination in the world.

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The secret of the Thai massage have been pass on from generation to generation from as far back at the time of the Khom Kingdom. Ever since then, Thai massage has been known for ability to relieve the nervous system and have the quality of breathing, the blood flow or its practical ability to relieve stress and frosty.

Thai massage can be divided into two main styles. The first being the comfortable royal style massage with its use to massage loyalty. This style employs only the hand in giving a massage and consider a health massage. The second massage style it known as "Chaloeisak". This Thai massage was practice by the common people and may use hands, elbows, knees and feet and as such with consider impolite form of massage.

Thai massage today is a mixer of this 2 style with the further unique feature, the use of select natural herbs. A hot compress fill with medical herbs, body scrub and stream bath all of uses to ensure that the body receive the type of healing and relaxing treatment and care if deserve.

Mixing the traditional grass root wisdom with modern research technology has resulted in the refinement of the traditional herb use in Thai massage. Today this Thai spa herb have become an imported export item. International standard quality means that the Thai spa products can now be found around the world.

thai massage thai massage thai spa thai spa

The Thai spa concept feature many difference services and the traditional Thai massage has become immensely popular. Recognized as truly monocure experience. The Thai spa has become an immense favorite globally.

What's small, a choice of traditional Thai spa products further expand a possibility of guests to enjoy the luxury and comfort of services such as a facial massage, a body scrub, a herbal stream bath or and oil massage. Only services make you a spa Thai herb and each has been selected for individual soothing and healing quality.

For those interested in opening up their own Thai spa abroad. You may contact a consultant to assist in establishing a turn key project for you. They were provide you with the information you need to clearly identify the return on investment even before you make your investment. They will also assist in finding the right operation people you want to go on extensive training in the area of the spa operation. Thailand also has several high quality training institutes for all level of spa operation from spa owner to spa manager and spa staff.

thai spa thai massage thai massage thai massage

The art of massage and the intrinsic value of the Thai herb combine to create a superb method of relaxation and rejuvenation. The long history and tradition of Thai massage enjoy the million visitors to Thailand has created international demand for the soothing and luxurious body and sole refreshing service.

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