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Water therapies found in Thai spas include traditional as well as Western methods. The unmistakable bouquet of the traditional Thai herbal steam may be found all over the country. Commonly used herbs such as lemongrass, galangal or ginger root, kaffir lime leaf, basil and camphor were traditionally boiled in a pot which was placed in a makeshift tent. The fresh scent of the herbs in the resulting steam was inhaled, improving blood circulation and cleansing the skin. Today Thai herbal steam rooms range from traditional-style tent arrangements to sophisticated steam rooms. Thai herbal baths use similar herbs to those used for steam, bruised in a mortar, placed in a cloth bag and soaked in the bath. The effect is calming and uplifting, providing welcome relief for overworked muscles or irritated skin.

Thailand is known for its therapeutic hot compresses containing numerous herbs. Fresh or dried, the herbs are tightly bound in fabric, steamed until piping hot and firmly rolled, pressed or pounded over the entire body. Compresses are traditionally applied after Thai Massage to prevent bruising, reduce muscle stress and cure skin conditions. The contents are prescribed according to the condition being treated, with some of the most commonly used herbs.

Showers and Baths
The simplicity of running a bath after a hard day has a near miraculous effect. People who are tense overworked and stressed do well by soaking in a hot bath. Heat has a calming effect, slowing the activities of the internal organs. If tired and in need of rejuvenation, a hot bath followed by a cold shower invigorates and stimulates body and mind.

The Vichy shower is a wet treatment where the client lies on a table whilst alternating hot and cold water is sprayed from above from a minimum of seven showerheads. Asian-designed versions are often made of beautiful, local materials such as brass, bamboo or wood that work well with the natural spa ambience.

Swiss shower therapy sprays water overhead and at the sides of the body. The jets are alternately powerful and gentle and the temperature is also varied.

Scotch hose treatments alternate hot and cold water at high pressure whilst the client is standing. This is a specific hydro massage treatment and is highly stimulating for the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Jacuzzi or whirlpool baths are commonly found all over the world. Warm water is sprayed from jets placed at the side and sometime from the bottom of a tub. This is an effective and accessible remedy for stress and tired muscles.

Body Wraps
Wet spa treatments such as classic body wraps utilize various seaweeds and sea muds containing trace elements, vitamins and minerals. Mud from moors around the world is a rich source of ancient herbs and flowers that are extremely beneficial to health. Both seaweed and mud boost blood circulation, tone and remineralise the skin as well as eliminate toxins.

Body Scrubs
Rice is plentiful and a number of varieties are native to Asia. It is no coincidence that this water-loving grain is widely used as an exfoliant in body scrubs. Another popular choice is sea salt. Both make skin smooth and soft and salt has the extra benefit of being packed with healthy minerals.

Underwater Massage
A feeling of weightlessness adds a dreamy dimension to this massage technique, inducing a deep level of relaxation and release from tension. While floating on an effervescent stream of water, underwater jets continuously massage specific areas such as neck, shoulders, hips, thighs and feet. Meanwhile the therapist uses a high pressure hose to massage specific problem areas.

A relative newcomer to the scene, Watsu combines some Shiatsu techniques such as pressures and stretching with a sequence of fluid, dance-like movements while the client is fully supported and guided by the practitioner. Like most Eastern-orientated bodywork, Watsu releases blockages along the body's energy meridians, rebalances energies and deeply relaxes.

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