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Aromatic Herbal Neck Pillow
aromatic herbal neck pillow

Aromatic Herbal Neck Pillow is 100% natural made from only the finest Thai herbs with no chemicals added. The ingredients have been carefully selected by our specialists and harvested in the traditional farming locations to provide comforting aromas during inhalation.

The aromatic herbs also act as a natural inhaler to ease tension as well as alleviate all stress and strains, while the ingredients soothe muscular pains, neck pains and interal discomforts.

Aromatic Herbal Neck Pillow is ideal for :
- Relief neck pain.
- Stimulation of blood circulation.
- Relief muscular tension and muscle spasm.
- Aromatic healing senses.

Aromatic Herbal Neck Pillow 700g

Direction :
For hot pack
1. Remove aromatic herbal neck pillow from aluminum foil bag and put in microwave oven for 90 seconds at maximum heat.
2. Place the hot aromatic herbal neck pillow on your neck In case it is too hot, place cloth or towel between the hot pack and the neck.
3. Repeat this process as many as desired.
4. To preserve longer life time, put pack back in the aluminum foil zipper bag after cool down.

Reusable : Depend on the level of humidity of the particular area.
- Thailand 30 times
- Japan 50 times
- Switzerland 80 times
- Iceland 100 times

Main Ingredient : Coleus Atropurpureus Benth. (Wan-Sao-Long)

Packing :1 pc in aluminum foil bag and no label

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