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Welcome to Talad Siam Company Limited.
We are manufacturer and wholesale company, located in Thailand. We provide herbal health and beauty care products for Thai spas and Thai massage from Thailand to fulfill the need of our customers with the premium level products and we are pleased to create your own business products, packaging desing and label design with the highest level. We ship worldwide.


Thai Herbal Compress Aromatic Herbal Pack Herbal Balm Pure Essential Oil
Thai Herbal Compress (Thai Herbal Compress Ball) made from various dried herbs wrapped in cotton traditionally used in Thai medicine. Aromatic Herbal Pack can relieve the symptoms of muscle joint strain, cramps and swelling including the elderly person who experiences muscular problem. Pain Relieving Ointment Inhale or massage for dizziness, tension headache, stimulate Circulation, Massage for backpain, joint pain and muscle pain, any kind of pain, insect bite and itching. Essential Oils are a precious gift from Nature. The vegetable base oils used to dilute essential oils before massage are also natural. Both base and essential oils work in harmony with the human body,

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Thai herbal compress Thai herbal balm Pure essential oil


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